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June's Rag  - an alternative, independent news service- serving Green Valley AZ

and the surrounding area, including Tucson. If you wish to provide information

for this page, continue to email it to me at JunesRag@Cox.net.  I will do my best to include it.


At the top right, go to SIDE BAR to see all the different pages, and click on the one you want to see.


I am trying this because Cox has a cap on the number of message they will deliver, and those that exceed the cap are considered spam and are sent back to me as failed messages.  They will not reveal what the actual cap number it.   The only suggestion they had was to get a business email address account that would cost about $60 a month which I don't have.  So bear with me and we will see if you readers can get used to clicking to my wiki address instead of depending on email.  Thanks.


A tip:  If you go to a page and see a blank, scroll down to find the article.  I don't know why this happens and I have not been able to correct it.  I will keep trying.


June C. Wortman, editor  - 520-648-5877   JunesRag@cox.net



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